Wish to be Real

If you take one time break and sort down
your wish list, I bet it will be a long one. I
have never tried it before, but I know I will
have such a long list of wishes. However,
most of them may just come-and-go wish.
You may wish to have it today but not
tomorrow, or you may wish it now but you
forget about it the next minute.But, I am
sure there must be some precious wishes
of yours that always in your heart and soul
not your brain. Because brain will choose
to find balance with reality but deep inside
our hearts, I don’t know.

I myself have never want to list down my
wish items as I think they will be just
deleted one by one. The reason is simple
that it will be too naive and greedy to have
all my wishes to come true. Why should
there be so many wishes then? In the first
place, they should not be there if they are
only going to be deleted anyway…
Well, I see wishes are there to be with us,
to accompany us in this lonesome life
sometimes. Wish is to be there for us to
move forward and make another wish,
again and again just like a chain. Care
nothing but the feeling that drives you to
go out and fulfill your wishes, we walk and
try to find a way to reach this wish.
Whatever we wish may not be real or going
to be real. But this feeling of wishing which
makes us feel good and keep on wishing,
sometimes, in certain limit we may feel it’s
useless to have wishes. That’s when the
harsh facts of everyday we encounter, the
incidents, the people, the moments which
is going to influence us to shape and or
may distort our wishes. At that moment, I
assess the wish list, will delete some to be
in line with the external environment. Some
wishes are scraped and left me with these
shorter list.

I am happy with this short list wishes of
mine yet I don’t know how long they are
going to last. Part of me says if this wishes
to become real, I may need to put dense
preservation not only from my side but
other party affected or contributed as well.
Without them, the wish is nothing anyway.
This wish list I bet everyone will have it.

Many times when I wish of something is
going to happen after every little bits I have
put in, it just turned out to be something
else. Something that will hold me back to
wish again. So, is it really so important that
wish MUST comes true? When sometimes it
really comes true, that’s perfect! But, when
it’s not…

It’ll just makes wistful and
frightened state of mentality. So what’s the
point of wishing wishes to become true?
Maybe it’s best to leave it as “wish” –
without any level of expectation to become
real – for you to keep inside and only you
know. It may never gonna happen, but it’s
a good way in the sense that you won’t feel
lost and bleak inside. You know that the
wish is real indeed, it is there, just that
whether it makes you feel blessed or not.

MIehh, I have no idea how to explain it
when not much things to say anymore.


5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Engineer.

If I had to go back in time and choose civil engineering all over again, would I? ABSOLUTELY!
I love it so much!
But when I started the program here @ College I wish I had known a few key things to survive…


»1) You will NOT have a life. There is a breed of students in engineering that can never attend class and read the book at home, roll up to class and ace a midterm. I am not one of those individuals and most aren’t.
You have to be so dedicated and put in tons of hours to get this degree. I honestly think that once I graduate people will never understand what it took to get this degree except for other engineers.

»2)Find out what teachers to take regardless of the time schedule. Seriously, taking a class 8-10pm really isn’t that amazing but taking it with a great professor who’s going to give you real world experience and teach well is worth it. Find a website that grades the professors and try to find challenging ones who will help you to learn to apply the class to real life. Those are the best professors.

»3) Make lots of engineering friends! Keep your other friends too, but friends in your classes with textbooks, past notes for a class or even old study guides are priceless. Having the ability to call someone up at 3am knowing they’re awake doing the same homework as you and needed help is always nice. Make sure to form good study groups with these people! Key word there “good”. If you get study groups with slackers who you have to end up teaching them the whole quarter in a night you’ll hate yourself. Find people who are great to bounce ideas off of and keep a good study session going.

»4) Keep a very good planner. Keep your schedule on your computer, in your backpack and on your fridge even. Don’t miss a due date!! This is something I am very serious about. In the real world you can’t be late for a bid, why would you turn in homework late? Or show up to class late? I had a professor that would shred the students who showed up late or just fail students for not turning in one assignment. Stay on top of you homework, classes and hours. Plan ahead for everything!

»5) Never give up. I don’t give up anyways, but so many student just give up because many subject was hard. Keep pushing. If this degree was easy everyone would have one. This program is meant to chew you up and see what your made of, not baby you and hold your hand. Keep short term goals along the way to graduation so it doesn’t seem so daunting in the middle of the quarter when you’re starting to get burnt out from your course load, midterms and life.

Engineering isn’t hard for those who get it, it’s hard until you get it. As one of my favorite quotes of Yoda says “Do or do not. There is not try.” Same is true for life after school.
If my building falls, it doesn’t matter that the guys’ next to mine fell first, mine still fell.
Engineering is not a joke it’s tough. Only the tough and pressing students survive. I’m going on a limb and saying this, but this degree is harder for me than fighting cancer. The day I walk across that stage and get my deegree that says Civil Engineering on it is the day I know I can do anything in life.
No matter what it is, I know if I work hard enough, I can do it.

ENGINEERING Students Very HEART touching poem : –
If I die in a xam zone,
Box me up n send me Home,
plz Put my papers on my chest,
N tell my mom I did my best,
N tell my dad nt 2 bow,
He’ll nt get tentn frm me nw,
Tel my bro study perfectly,
Keys f my bike will be his permanently,
Tel” my sis dnt be upset,
Her bro will nt rise after dis sunset, Dont tell my frnz dey r hearties,
N I cant c deir tears. Tell my love nt 2 cry “COZ I’M ENGINEER….BORN 2 DIE…BORN 2 DIE…!!!”:-)

Study time!

Don’t mess with Engineers…!!!

Funny Engineering

Study Break…!!!


A Fluid – Anything which takes the shape of
the container it is in.
Therefore the glass will always be full. If
only the rest of the world was engineers…
Back to Hydraulics Lab.
Ha ha ha.
I can do anything coz I m an “Engineer “, trust me.

Lol…i m in “Engineering”.


Trust me I m an Engineer.

Welcome to Incredible !ndia…!!!

Welcome to Incredible !ndia…!!!.

Johnny Depp – The Great actor


Johnny Depp The Great Actor

     “If someone were to harm my
      family or a friend or
      somebody I love, I would eat
      them. I might end up in jail
      for 500 years, but I would eat

    Just love this sentence by Depp.

Udaipur Blog-Photography

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The Selvedge Yard

“Shooting the motorcycle stuff really changed the way that I saw what I did as a photographer.”  

–Scott Pommier

Friend Scott Pommier recently shot Motto Guzzi motorcycle’s 2012 ad campaign — and it looks amazing. The usually stoic Canadian gets a little sappy in this behind the scenes video — talking about his early days shooting skateboard stuff for Thrasher Magazine (Scott’s a helluva skateboarder, btw.) and how getting busted on a shoot by the cops who impounded all his equipment and car for a month (LA’s finest) led to him getting a motorcycle and his passion for bikes and riding. I love it — check it out. And the photography? Well, it’s classic Scott Pommier. Spot-on as always.

Backstage film shot and edited by Stefano Righi

Scott Pommier photography for Moto Guzzi Motorcycle’s 2012 ad campaign, Art Director Luca Eremo

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Funny Chemistry Pick up lines

»You are an acid and i am like litmus,
everytime i meet you i turn bright

»You’re so attractive, i cannot help
but form hydrogen bonds with you.

»My love for you is as strong as a
covalent lattice .

»Let’s get married and live a life like
monosaccharides-sweet and simple.

»If only you and i could form a redox
cell, the potential between us would
be mighty high .2

»You make me hotter than sulfur
hydroxide mixed with ethyl acetate.

»Why the electronegativity?

»You must be a good benzene ring,
because you are pleasantly aromatic.

»I have mass. You have mass. We’re
naturally attracted!

»Could you tell me the oxidation state
of this atom and your phone number?

»If I could make any compound, I
would make uranium iodide, so I
could put U and I together!

»My favorite element is uranium,
because I love U!

»My name? Bond. Covalent Bond!

»I’m a conjugate acid, you’re a
conjugate base .Let’s hook up and
create conjugate pairs.

»Hey there girl, it appears to me that
you are one of the major sources that
increases the entropy .
of the universe. You see, you are hot
and the heat you are releasing is
making our universe more

»Do you wanna join functional groups
with me, and let me release a water

»Is that a open valency or are you just
happy to see me?

»Are you uranium? cos you’re the

»Hey, are you an alpha carbon,
because you look susceptible to
backside attack!

»My favorite mechanism is backside
attack. And you?

»Let me show you my schlenk line
Your lab or mine?

»What does it take to get over YOUR
activation barrier?

»I feel a bond between us!
Do you want to extract some protein
from my column?

»Baby are you an electron because you
charge me up!

»Honey, were like a galvanic cell,
theres obviously electricty flowing
between us.

»You know, I’ve got one hell of a
mass-charge ratio.

»I have recently discovered a very rare
element called Beautium. I looks like
you are made of it.

»Mind helping me with my

»My favourite attractive force is van
del Waals’ force. Can you feel it?

sit closer if you can’t.
I’d really like to titrate with you.

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Funny Facts about India

10 Interesting facts about India

If you look into India’s history you will
see that India is filled with many
interesting facts. Indians have always
intelligent and creative. It is one of the
oldest countries in the world.
India is a land where people from
different cultures and religious
backgrounds live together as a nation.

Indian people are found to be very
friendly and caring. They like spending
time with their families.
Many different languages are spoken in
India but still one can communicate with
people through the national language
called Hindi.


10 Interesting facts about India :

»The famous board game, called Chess,
was invented in India.

»In India’s 100,000 years of history, it has
never invaded any other country.

»India is the 7th largest country in the
world, the largest democracy and one of
the oldest civilizations.

»India was one of the richest countries in
the world before the British invasion in
17th century.

»The value of “pi” used in mathematics
was first calculated by the Indian
mathematician Budhayana in 6th

»India is one of the largest exporter of
computer software products. It exports
software to over 90 countries.

»India is home to the world’s largest
pilgrimage destination called the Vishnu
Temple. The temple is located in the city
of Tirupati. About an average of 30,000
people visit this temple donating about
$6 million US dollars, everyday.

»India originated Yoga about 5,000 years

»India has the most number of mosques.
It has 300,000 mosques which is much
more than the Muslim world.

»Christians and Jews have been living in
India since 52 A.D. and 200 B.C.

Jai Hind.

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