TOPIC: Sheldon Cooper Fact Sheeet


  • Family & Birth Data
  • Physical & Medical Data
  • Educational Background
  • Occupational Background
  • Personal Interest
 Family & Birth Data
  • Mother: Mary Cooper
  • Father: George Cooper
  • Grandmother: Unknown (referred to as “Me-Ma” by Sheldon)
  • Birthplace: Galveston, Texas
  • Birth Hospital: NA, born in K-Mart
  • Nickname:
    1. “Moonpie” (as given and between him and his grandmother)
    2. “Shellie” or “Shelly” (Mom, Sister, and friends. He dislikes this nickname)
  • Siblings:
    1. Missy (twin sister)
    2. Unnamed (brother)

Physical & Medical Data

  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Allergies:
    1. Bees
    2. Cats
  • Medical Traits, Conditions:
    1. Asthma
    2. Obsessive-Compulsive disorder
    3. Eidetic memory
    4. “Not crazy” (claims his mother had him tested for insanity)
  • Phobias:
    1. Autophobia (may have developed after apartment burglary; fear of being alone)
    2. Cynophobia (fear of dogs)
    3. Germophobia/Mysophobia (confirmed; fear of dirt, germs, contaimination)
    4. Hypochondria (confirmed; fear of illness)
    5. Ornithophobia (fear of birds)
    6. Scelerophibia (may have developed after apartment burglary; fear of burglars, criminals)
    7. Ursaphobia (unconfirmed; fear of bears)
  • Other Notes:
    1. Expresses difficulty in showing physical affection
    2. Uncomfortable in strange surroundings, including inability to seat himself without analysis.
    3. Difficulty with lying, tremendously overcompensates or is simply incapable

Educational Background

  • IQ: 187, child prodigy
  • Age 11: Completed 5th grade; entered college
  • Age 14: Entered graduate school
  • Age 16: Obtained first PhD
  • Age 20: Obtained second PhD (estimate, based on duration spent on second dissertation)
  • Educational Achievements:
    1. Age 14.5: Youngest to receive Stevenson Award (claim now usurped by Dennis Kim)
  • Extra-curricular Achievements:
    1. (Nearly) Built small nuclear reactor (Age 13, got in trouble for attempts at acquiring yellow cake uranium over the Internet)
    2. Built a CAT scanner
    3. Built a “sonic death ray”
    4. Built an attack robot (intended to fend off or assault his sister)
    5. Contributed to building an attack robot (with Howard, Leonard, Rajesh)

Occupational Background

  • Professor (visiting): Heidelberg Institute, Germany (1998, Age 15)
  • Theoretical Physicist: Caltech University (2003 to present; briefly fired and re-hired)
  • Achievements:
    1. Authored paper Grand Unification Using String-Network Condensates(reconciling black hole information paradox)
    2. Co-Authored paper with Leonard of unknown title (dealt with properties of super solids and resulting unknown state of matter; presented by Leonard at Bose-Einstein Condensates topical conference)
    3. Possess an ongoing (and potentially academic) interest in time-travel and invisibility.

Personal Interests

  • Comic Books/Super Heroes: (follows and known favorites)
    1. Batman
    2. Catwoman (Favorite movie catwoman: Julie Newmar; least favorite: Halle Berry)
    3. Green Lantern
    4. Hellboy
    5. Incredible Hulk
    6. The Flash
    7. Superman
    8. Wolverine
  • Games:
    1. Age of Conan (plays a Cimmerian, “Sheldor the Conqueror”)
    2. Dungeons and Dragons
    3. Guitar Hero (and related)
    4. Halo 1|2|3 (Wednesdays are “Halo” night)
    5. Mario Brothers (and derivatives)
    6. Research Lab (board game developed by Sheldon)
    7. Trading card games (specific preferences unknown)
    8. World of Warcraft (plays a night elf rogue)
  • Sci-Fi:
    1. Battlestar Galactica
    2. Star Trek (with high personal preference for Spock)
    3. Star Wars
  • Other:
    1. Card carrying member of Justice League of America (joined at age 5)
    2. Card carrying member of Museum of Natural History (presumably the museum in Los Angeles)
    3. (previously) Card carrying member of a planetarium (Glendale? UCLA? Palomar Observatory & virtual planetarium?)
    4. Fascinated (re: obsessed) with trains
    5. Tuven Throat Singing
    6. Received restraining orders, twice (1st from Leonard Nimoy; 2nd from Stan Lee)


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