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The Selvedge Yard

“Shooting the motorcycle stuff really changed the way that I saw what I did as a photographer.”  

–Scott Pommier

Friend Scott Pommier recently shot Motto Guzzi motorcycle’s 2012 ad campaign — and it looks amazing. The usually stoic Canadian gets a little sappy in this behind the scenes video — talking about his early days shooting skateboard stuff for Thrasher Magazine (Scott’s a helluva skateboarder, btw.) and how getting busted on a shoot by the cops who impounded all his equipment and car for a month (LA’s finest) led to him getting a motorcycle and his passion for bikes and riding. I love it — check it out. And the photography? Well, it’s classic Scott Pommier. Spot-on as always.

Backstage film shot and edited by Stefano Righi

Scott Pommier photography for Moto Guzzi Motorcycle’s 2012 ad campaign, Art Director Luca Eremo

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